Monday, September 26, 2011

What’s the difference between nail polish enamel, and nail polish lacquer?

What’s the difference?
The biggest difference between a nail enamel and a nail lacquer is the lacquer is, much stronger than the enamel. It dries harder and lasts longer. It is usually more chip- resistant.

In the case of nail polish, "ena...mel" simply means "not lacquer." which is too fragile and dissolves in the presence of alcohol and acidic foods. Nail polish that is”enamel" has an acetone base and is removed by using acetone.
Nail polish, color, lacquer, enamel- they are all the same products being described by different marketing terms with one being a little bit stronger, the lacquer. Of course the formulations are different- but in small ways, i.e different combination or amounts of additives. Flexibilizers, UV blockers and drying accelerating solvents are also examples.
My personal favorite polish is OPI which is a lacquer. You do pay more for lacquers than enamel

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